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The team at MavHQ strives daily to empower and support you. They are available to meet at your leisure.


Michael Hendzel
Founder | CEO
(727) 698-9446
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Open Door Policy

Kevin Glonek
Co-Founder | COO
(727) 222-3180
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Contact for: BoomTown, MavNet, G-Suite, feedback on any MavRealty team member or system and all other technology questions.

Ashleigh Moore
(727) 316-2957
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Contact for: Financial issues, onboarding paperwork, and office questions.

Micah Johnson
VP of Professional Growth
(386) 682-9876
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Contact for: Sales coaching, business development, and general real estate questions.

Amanda Danter
VP of Sales
(904) 589-0324
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Contact for: Potential recruiting referrals and team building assistance.

Chris Moore
VP of Marketing
(727) 316-2919
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Contact for: All marketing questions, social media posting, and custom graphic requests.

Adam Tarr
VP of Closing and Compliance
(480) 236-7374
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Contact for: Transaction coordinator feedback, offer request system, file submission, all compliance and broker level questions.