Michael Daniel Hendzel

Founder | CEO

Michael Hendzel was born and raised in Clearwater Florida.  Michael’s parents immigrated from Poland in the early 80’s.  His father was and still is active in construction.  His mother was and still is a homemaker.  Michael learned work ethic from his parents as well as real estate overall especially the construction process.

Michael has been active in Real Estate since June of 2004 and it is his life passion.  With over 500 million dollars in close volume under management or directly with no end in sight, Michael is excited for the future.

Aside from 6 years service in the United States Army, Michael has been busy with his life’s work, creating value for the Real Estate Professional.  

With over 500 million dollars of real estate transaction experience and a personal investment portfolio of over 45,000 square feet Michael leads MavRealty with confidence.