Chris Moore

Vice President of Marketing

Chris Moore, a.k.a Seymour, is MavRealty’s Vice President of Marketing. Chris is a creative mindset and finally found a home with Mav to channel his creative energies and speak of himself in the third person. Chris is amused by the joke in the last sentence, and laughs at his own humor.

Chris started his own marketing business in 2018 after being inspired by the book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Through some of his projects, he was able to connect with Mike Hendzel. This led Chris to relocate himself and his wife to Florida to work with MavRealty.

Chris was born and raised in Louisiana and is well versed in delicious foods. His favorite being tacos. He is married to Ashleigh Moore. Chris loves to spend time with his wife, read books, game, paint, and recently started writing in his free time. He also serves on his worship team at Mission City Church in Largo, FL.

Chris would like to leave you with this quote, “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” - Zero Wing, Sega Genesis, 1991.

Although an estimate ahs been derived of his age it is not an exact date since Mike was found alone in a cave sleeping on lion pelt.