MavRealty offers best-in-class, comprehensive real estate acquisition services for institutional private equity and hedge funds. Our investor division specializes in high volume acquisitions of single and multi-family residences for our clients’ portfolios. We understand that timelines are critical to meet capital deployment and investment objectives. Our detailed workflows and protocols are supported by powerful, proprietary, industry-specific data and analytics technology designed to expeditiously SYSTEMATIZE the process from targeting properties to closing transactions. Our institutional partners are provided direct CRM portal access to this customized data and operational platform which provides 24/7 transparency of the entire transactional and due diligence process.

The team behind the technology is comprised of seasoned real estate professionals with extensive experience working with multiple institutional partners. Our analytics team members are experts in the most cutting-edge real estate valuation techniques and source properties from traditional and off-market channels. Once an asset is identified and qualified for potential acquisition consistent with the client’s investment criteria, the property is assigned to a dedicated closing concierge who oversees the facilitation and integration of all closing tasks. Our closing concierge is uniquely qualified to serve as the primary interface between the portfolio managers on the one side, and homeowners, seller’s agents title agents, inspectors and general vendors on the other side.

Our goals are simple:

(i) deploy and convert latent capital as quickly and efficiently as possible into high-yielding, income-producing real estate portfolios;

(ii) assist asset portfolio managers to achieve investment goals by providing relevant and accurate data;

(iii) orchestrate the transactional process from sourcing properties to close with minimal corporate oversight; and

(iv) serve our clients’ needs.