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Why the COVID-19 pandemic may be the perfect time to list your home for sale

These times are unprecedented, and we don’t know for sure what the future holds for us all. We are remaining positive and focusing on the things within our control to help our own families and communities weather this storm.


We’ve realized that the coronavirus situation has created a unique opportunity to list your house, especially if you were thinking about it before the world was turned upside down. We’ve seen, due to fear, anxiety, and uncertainty, that some sellers are hitting pause on listing their house for sale or even pulling their listings. We’re here to tell you that you may want to consider doing the exact opposite.

While you may expect a real estate brokerage to tell you to list your house, we really are just offering some perspectives that you may not have considered. There really is little to lose and so much to gain. I mean, the worst that could happen is what, that you don’t sell your home!?!? Well, that’s for sure going to happen if you don’t list it…so, just hear us out.


Let’s list out the pros of listing during this time:

  • There is a need for houses
    • The United States, and especially the state of Florida, is suffering from a housing shortage. Florida is attracting large amounts of Americans from other states. We live in a great state, and people want in on it! 
    • Because some people have been hesitant to proceed with listing their homes during the pandemic, this is causing an even greater shortage.
    • People will always have reasons for moving and buying or selling their homes, even during a situation like this. If someone finds themselves without work, they may need to downsize to save on their housing expenses. All of this time away from family may cause someone to consider moving closer to their loved ones.  
    • This means if you’re thinking of selling, chances are better when there are less houses offered. There will be a flood of homes to the market, as well as builders looking to fill the void with new houses, after society is on the move again. Avoid the flood and improve your chances of selling now.


  • Everyone is home browsing the web. EVERYONE. They have nothing better to do than to scroll on their phone. They may not be buying homes from their phones in all this uncertainty, but when life finds its way back to “normal”, they will be looking to buy all the things they ogled at while they were quarantined. This could include new shoes, a new phone, and your house


  • You can have your house “toured” without having people in your home. We all know it’s no small stress to have people walking around with a virus spreading around the globe. Photos, videos, virtual open houses, online features and video conferencing are being used by our agents to get your house in front of potential shoppers.


And the cons of listing right now?

You may not sell your house right away. But, like we talked about already, you’ll guarantee that you won’t by not acting. 🤷🏽‍♂️


So give it some thought… and give us a call if you have any questions or would like a no-obligation analysis of your home’s value.


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