About Mav

Why does MavRealty exist?

The modern day real estate brokerage does not provide the tools or support necessary for agents to be successful and provide great service.

How are we solving this problem?

Laser-focus on the mission resounds throughout the organization. Realtors (Mavericks) must be empowered and supported in order to scale.

MavRealty provides a full-spectrum solution for Mavericks to grow their businesses without taking on unnecessary expenses or time commitments.

In Mav’s system, Mavericks are free to spend their days creating great experiences for their clients, knowing all of the other tasks are handled by the firm. 

The Result: Customers receive unbeatable experiences and Mavericks achieve the quality of life they deserve.

What Does MavRealty Provide?

Behind every Maverick exists an array of people and tools.


Company Provided Leads

Concierge / ISA with Hot Hand-Offs

CRM with MLS Integrated Website & Phone App

Offer Preparation


Full-Service Transaction Management
Expert Compliance Team

Support Services

Accounting & HR

Retained Legal Counsel

Professional Marketing Team

The Power of Real Estate course

Professional Growth Coaching

24/7 Broker Support


To empower and support the Maverick and their clients.


To be America's lifelong partner in real estate.